Membership renewal

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For new members and renewals to join Carrbrook Angling Club, will be held at Stamford Golf Club,
Oakfield House, Huddersfield Road, Carrbrook, Stalybridge, SK15 3PY on Thursday 18th June 2015 at 7:30pm

Rod licence needed to join

Any problems please contact
Gary on 07921771602
Shaun on 07912842601

Update on the Millbrook page about end of year activities and plans for the future


It has come to that time of year to renew your club membership for the 2014-2015 Season. The preferred method is to fill in the application form and bring it to the meeting on the 12thJune at Stamford golf club at 7pm onwards, with a valid rod licence and the fees that apply to you. If you are joining as an OAP or disabled member you will need to bring proof of ID. For up to date info of goings on visit the web address above or our facebook page

Tel:   07921 771602

Many thanks Gary Rothwell

(Club chairman)

New members and existing members £40

Concessionaries £30

Juniors £15

A YouTube channel you may find useful is carpfever tv . There are tons of useful information on tackle, rigs and technique.

Great news that the club has received a grant for £1000 to help us complete the works on Millbrook Dam.

New page created to show the work we are doing on Millbok Dam Click here to view or click the link at the top of the page.

The Environment Agency came to Millbrook Dam to do our bio mass survey today.

As our members are aware we have been attempting to de-snag the dam for a few months now removing several van full’s of debris from the lake, from motor bikes to boats to just about everything you could imagine but unfortunately the EA’s nets were still catching on the last remaining snags we hadn’t managed to clear and they have to lift their nets over these snags and this stops us getting an 100% accurate figure as fish will escape under the nets.

Having said that the EA did a great job and everything they could to net as much as possible.

The result was quite a few large Carp and a small bag of silvers and Bream. What does this tell us ? Well even though only a percentage of fish were netted  it tells us we have a water with a good head of Carp and a small population of silver fish which is a quite good place for us to develop the water from.

All fish were returned to the water except for one small koi that was removed to a garden pond due to the risk they pose of spreading disease.

Before we stock we must now undertake an intense program of planting to create a habitat that will sustain a stock of fish and more importantly give any smaller fish cover from predators, If we were to stock now we would be basically feeding Goosanders and cormorants that we know visit this water.

We now know there is certainly a decent population of carp for anglers to go for and silvers could be caught with effort but maybe not the huge bags that we see on our other waters.

Below is a selection of pictures from the netting: