Carl’s underwater cam footage

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Matches on Walkerwood

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As some of you may know fishing matches have now been started on Walkerwood reservoir. The first one was held last week on Weds 21st June and was one by Mark Wroe with Roach and Perch to a weight of 14 pounds and 14 ounces, second place was Nik Leggett and third place was taken by Club Chairman Gary Rothwell.

Unfortunately tonights match ( 28th June ) had to be cancelled due to bad weather. However should anyone want to participate in the matches held on Walkerwood then please meet on the first peg on the reservoir, near the dam wall on a wednesday evening at 5pm.

Admission is £5, the draw for pegs is at 5pm and the match starts at 6pm. The weigh in will be conducted at 9pm. Usual Walkerwood Rules apply with exception of a keepnet, which ARE allowed during matches only.

Walkerwood (Exciting Times)

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Well, the nicer weather is upon us and with it comes the prospect of more time to get on the bank. Walkerwood Reservoir is the newest water to become available to CAC members and offers the opportunity to land some big roach and monster perch. There have been some nice fish caught recently, the roach looking immaculate as they fall into the hands of the happy anglers seeking their elusive, fast biting quarry.

The perch have been deep bodied, greedy and brightly red finned, falling to both float and swimfeeder. These fish are in great condition!

Do yourself a favour, get on the bank. Walkerwood is waiting……with it a great days fishing.

Walkerwood from the air  


Carl Gee’s first Walkerwood video is now online. Great video giving a taste of whats to come

Walkerwood and possible monster fish



Lots going on

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Lots of activity at Walkerwood this weekend with work coming along really well. There are lots of pegs open now so you have  space to fish and clear paths to get around the resi. Two new car parks were cleared on Sunday to give good access to the water from the top end to save long walks with fishing tackle. There are locked gates to pass through but these have the same combination as our other locks and we would advise taking care as the roads are a little rough. We had Carl Gee down filming around the reservoir so expect something soon on his great you tube channel (click here to view Carl’s site)

I was fishing again Saturday and its was a very entertaining few hours  with more top quality roach and a solitary perch also put in an appearance. We know there is a really good head of large Perch in the depths somewhere but they are staying hidden just for now.


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Stunning picture of the reservoir from committee member Shaun