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Posted: July 10, 2010 by Carrbrook Angling in Uncategorized
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The latest news is that Rainwater now has a sister water – Rainwater 2 !

We have recently taken control of the water next door previously known as ‘ diggle ‘ a name that is left over from a previous angling club. It’s now officially registered with the Enviroment Agency and is under the control of Carrbrook Angling Club

Sunday 11th July is a designated work party day so expect plenty of work to be needed on Rainwater 2

Rainwater 2

Work party dates as follows:

Sunday 11th july

Sunday 12th Septembers

Sunday 13th february

Sunday 10th apri

Remember there is a reduction in joining fee for all memebers attending work parties

Over on Rainwater an ongoing policy of planting and feeding has seen the lake and the stock blossom and a grant has been awarded to install a silt trap to bring the inlet from the golf course under control.

Here’s a few pics that show how well the progress is going :


This work has been done following advice from the enviroment agent and the clubs own trainee fishery manager. A quick look at the Enviroment agency netting party can be seen here : http://s88.photobucket.com/albums/k198/wormfish_2006/Rainwater/?action=view&current=2008_0428env0009.flv

More detailed updates on work will follow shortly.


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