Silt Trap

Posted: September 3, 2010 by Carrbrook Angling in Uncategorized
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The inlet has been diverted and the work is progressing really well on the silt trap and hopefully it can be completed by the end of this week. In time we are hoping to see a significant improvement in the quality of the water and obviously stop the build up of sand and silt coming into the lake from our inlet.


We have also had a call from the Enviroment Agency confirming that the bio mass survey of the water will take place in October that will give the club a definitive stock level and allow us to move on with our stocking policy.

Please remember that Rainwater will be closed this Sunday ( 5th ) from 6am to roughly 2pm for essential maintenance.

  1. keithjones says:

    Buzzin that i was one the other night and it was pouring through the stream at the back of me Peg 1 but only flowing slow over the silt trap, and it was hammering it down.

    Its working though!

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