Spring update

Posted: April 9, 2011 by Carrbrook Angling in carrbrook angling club, Uncategorized
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We have been busy around the fishery working on several projects:

Path Work/chippings – We have several tons of chippings we have been laying around parts of the path. The boggy areas needed to be filled out and the areas with tree roots also needed to be filled to avoid walking on slippy roots. We will continue to fill out the paths where required. We also filled out peg 1 to make it a bit more user-friendly. This was previously covered with stone. 

Planting – Lots of work going into the planting of the water with help from some young volunteers. Marsh Marigolds have been planted along marginal shelves and reeds have been added in various areas. We are also hoping to see more of the lillies planted last Summer. We have also been planting plenty of bulbs and seeds so hopefully we should see a nice bloom later this year. Rob has donated and planted several large bamboo plants. We hope this grows into a lovely area given time.

Silt Trap/Flood defences – We have been doing constant work on this part of the fishery in an attempt to control water entering the lake. We see this as crucial work for several reasons. Firstly tons of silt have been dumped into the lake over the years so unless measures are taken this will become a massive problem. We also have concerns about the effect floods are having as these effectively flush the fishery. This area will continue to be worked on until we are satisfied with results.

Peg Work – As well as the chipping we are looking to work on a few of the pegs to make them a bit more bivvy friendly. The pegs will still be set up to be fished on day sessions but we also want to improve areas just off the pegs to make it comfortable to pitch bivvies and give easy access to rods should runs come through the night.


Fishing ! – With the onset of warm weather catch reports have started to come in and the results look very positive. Good catches of fat healthy fish are being reported and although the stocking policy is a long-term project results suggest we are moving in the right direction

In other news United Utilities are conducting work in the area and we have been contacted by a conservation group who wish to do a survey on local amphibians. They have been invited onto the fishery to survey for Newts and frogs and they will also be seen around boggy areas surrounding the lakes. They will install a few bottle traps and may be seen at dusk conducting their work.

  1. Shaun says:

    Hi all we are now forced to use children on our work parties as slave labour, due to lack of interest by are members.
    Yours sincerely,
    Shaun P Hall

  2. well it’s a sad state of affairs but at least they’r cheap and don’t complain 😉

  3. Shaun says:

    Been on this weekend lost one in the night.
    But over the last three weekends it has been very good fishing. Had some good fish and seen a lot moving around.

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