Work Party Update

Posted: April 4, 2012 by Carrbrook Angling in carrbrook angling club, rainwater
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We had a fantastic day on Sunday with lots of essential work getting done and a massive thanks goes out to all the lads that gave up their time, we really couldn’t get these things done without this help.

We removed the pipes from the inlet. These were meant to let water out but in flood conditions they were having the opposite effect so it was time to deal with those. Rob built a wall in this area and showed  his skills yet again in conjunction with John to do some very high quality work.

We laid several more tons of wood chip on the paths and carried on with the planting around the perimeter with the long term aim of  creating a natural barrier to run along the fence line.

We again expanded and levelled a nice double peg allowing a bivvy to be pitched or make room for 2 anglers to sit comfortably for a session. This peg needs to be worked on a little more to complete this but the hard bit has been done by the machines.

We also planted more marginal plants and added to the floating island as part of the long term plan to improve the aquatic environment.


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