A few days away

Posted: May 12, 2012 by Carrbrook Angling in carrbrook angling club, rainwater, Uncategorized
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Once again a few Carrbrook Angling Club members are going away on a little fishing trip. This time we are off to the Cemex Burghfield Blue Pool which you may well know from Korda Underwater 3 & korda Underwater 4

This from the website : The fish, which include specimens upwards of 35lb, regularly feed within feet of the bank, highlighting this water as a fantastic one at which to try your hand at stalking carp. If a more static approach is your preferred attack, then setting out your stall and baiting a favoured area can be a very productive method, producing big hits to those putting quantities of bait onto well-chosen spots. With this fishery having a well-deserved reputation as a winter water and the fish feeding well all year round, this is the place to be when other fisheries are feeling the cold.

I will post any catches on our return with a brief right up and hopefully a picture of a lump or 2.


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