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Posted: May 19, 2012 by Carrbrook Angling in carrbrook angling club, cemex bluepool, rainwater
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5 of our members and a couple of mates made the trip down to Blue Pool early Monday morning, while everyone else was driving to work we were lucky enough to have the week ahead of us chilling on the bank. We had drawn pegs on the Thursday night at a club meeting so we all had our plans when we arrived at the lake.

Almost straight away Gaz and Andy saw fish in front of their pegs in a central part of the lake that had a deep hole and a raised area with weed growth on it.  Paul was next down the bank from them with an island in front of him and a large gravel bar in his margins just down to right, I (Mark) was in the corner peg 13 with a tight gravel spot in front of me and lots of trees and snags, Shaun was opposite fishing the same bay and the other side of the island, Eddie was to the left of the car park bank with  lots of open water and a tree line down his margin and the other Paul was at the opposite side of the car park bank with similar features so between us we had the full lake covered.

1st blood went to Gaz and that set the standard with a good 20 that fought like a beast as do all Blue pool carp. You can see the fish fighting in the clear deep margins and you’d be hard pushed to find a harder fighting stock that knows every snag and how to get in it and drop the rig.

Gaz went on to get into the fish with big numbers showing out in front and sneaking down his left margin while the rest of us got our rigs into place and baited.

I got a taste of what peg 13 was like when I hooked a carp and even though I was fishing locked up the fish dived into the trees instantly and snagged me up and got off all in the space of a few seconds. I realised I would be up against it to get them out from here.

Next morning Paul had a PB in the form of a  stunning 25lb common from his spodded area just off the island and the action continued with Gaz and Andy but the rest of us were struggling a little as the carp all seemed to be massed in the large central area near or on the surface.

Pauls Grandson Keiron shouted to me later that morning that “Grandad has got a massive one on ” I strolled along to Paul in the next peg expecting to see another good 20 on the line but got the shock of my life when I set my eyes on the biggest Carp I have ever seen in this country. There ready for the net was a monster carp. I grabbed the net and with no fuss it was in 1st time. Me and Paul looked at it in the net and agreed that it was likely a really good 30 but then Andy saw the fish and said straight away it was the biggest fish in the lake and it was a 40 ! . Scales were zero’d and up came the weight 42lb 9oz. Mind blowing result for Paul and a fine piece of angling. The fish had fallen to a small yellow dumb bell over a heavily baited margin of particles and boilies.

We were in a bit of shock, we knew that the water held good fish but to see a 40lb’er banked was special. A well deserved beer was called for to celebrate.

The fish continued to show and get caught but a couple of us were struggling. Paul in the car park peg started to catch. He was getting them going on zigs and took a 36lb’er  from another margin spot cast across to from his peg.

Just myself, Edd and Shaun were blanking as we moved into the 3rd day. I had lost several fish in the peg 13 snags and then went on to hook and loose a couple surface fishing so I was having a bit of a mare on the fishing front. In the space of a few hours though we all caught. I moved up to the central area and caught on 10ft to 15ft zig rigs, Edd started to catch opposite me and Shaun got that snaggy bay to produce a couple. Shaun managed a 30lb’er and Eddie had a 27lb’er so everyone was happy.

Shellfish B5 and the new Nash  Carp Fever Manchester Special boilie accounted for the majority of the runs with a healthy area of particle and pellet. I had the 3 fish on zigs with a simple cut down grange pop up and the fish showed a liking for dog biscuits off the surface as soon as the sun came out.

Gaz had caught steadily all week with Andy doing really well next to him but Andy had the mother of all snags in his peg so had lost a few in that and it prevented him fishing the long zigs, the fish would have just dived into the snag as he got them close in.

Totals for the week were: Shaun 23,17 and 30lb, Eddie 27, and 20lb, Gaz 20,22,23,24,25,26lb, Paul in the car park swim 24, 19 and 36lb, Andrew 19, 22, 24 and 22lb , Mark 17,18 and 19lb and Paul 25lb and 42lb 9oz.

Not a bad result and a really enjoyable week with good company and lots of laughs shared. The trip turned out to be a good alternative to long drives we’ve been making down into France in previous years. We would like to book again next year but the complex is up for sale so it may not be available. We may look for an alternative and maybe a bigger venue so we could get more people on the trip.

  1. gary says:

    Good right up mark,to catch big english fish that fight like mad made it a trip of a life time lets hope we can book it again for next year

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