Posted: June 27, 2012 by Carrbrook Angling in carrbrook angling club, millbrook, rainwater
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Thursday matches

1. All fishery rules to be abided by. NO EXCEPTIONS
2. Draw 9am fish 10.15-3.15pm
3. All carp caught in the match regardless of the size will be unhooked on an unhooking matt and classed as a pound
4. There is a maximum of 10 pegs on a first come first served basis
5. To book on the match please call Jason rimmer the match secretary on 07706642537
6. Match pools £6.50 (£5.00 pools £1.50 peg fee)
7. Any complaints must be logged within half an hour of the end of the match which will then be forwarded to the management and dealt with accordingly
8. Matches to be held every Thursday
9. Matches open to members only
10. Draw to be held at the green lock up at the first gate
11. Only fishery approved nets to be used and unhooking mats are compulsory


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