Walkerwood Reservoir

Posted: December 18, 2016 by Carrbrook Angling in carp, trout, perch, bream, carrbrook angling club, MEMBERSHIP, millbrook, millbrook dam, rainwater, walkerwood reservoir

We are pleased to announce that we carrbrook angling club have managed to secure a lease on walkerwood reserviour. The reservoir is 30 acers in size and is loaded with corse fish to specimen sizes. It’s been a trout fishery for the last 30 years so it’s pretty much untapped fishing. There are bait limits of half kg per day per angler no ground bait but we do have maggots, worms, corn, boilies, pellets, to start with all anglers will have to sign on to the risk and method statement and pay a fee on top of there current membership to gain access to the water. Please don’t enter the fishery until you’r signed up. I’ll be sending out letters to all members with details on how to access the water parking rules etc. The water is closed for a few weeks until we get the signs up and paperwork complete but we’ll be letting you all know when work will commence as there’s mountains of work to be done, cutting back clearing fishing areas etc before it can be opened.. Merry Christmas and Happy new year !!


  1. Scott says:

    what are the levels of carp like? (if any). i know of this being a good trout fishery but never heard anything to entice the carp angers. please can you spread some light on this. would like to become a member and would also llike to know how to join.

    thank you

    • In the very limited time we have fished it a few came out but the beauty of the venue is that no one really knows. I can guarantee they are in there but sizes and numbers are for us to discover. Details of how to join are on the membership page

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