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Thanks to all that attended today. We got loads done and a few pegs opened up. The members who payed up the additional subs can now fish.A letter will be going out to all members this week with details of how to gain access to this water and the rules.We will be holding a meeting in a week or so for the members who missed today.


We are pleased to announce that we carrbrook angling club have managed to secure a lease on walkerwood reserviour. The reservoir is 30 acers in size and is loaded with corse fish to specimen sizes. It’s been a trout fishery for the last 30 years so it’s pretty much untapped fishing. There are bait limits of half kg per day per angler no ground bait but we do have maggots, worms, corn, boilies, pellets, to start with all anglers will have to sign on to the risk and method statement and pay a fee on top of there current membership to gain access to the water. Please don’t enter the fishery until you’r signed up. I’ll be sending out letters to all members with details on how to access the water parking rules etc. The water is closed for a few weeks until we get the signs up and paperwork complete but we’ll be letting you all know when work will commence as there’s mountains of work to be done, cutting back clearing fishing areas etc before it can be opened.. Merry Christmas and Happy new year !!


New page created to show the work we are doing on Millbok Dam Click here to view or click the link at the top of the page.

Well that’s the end of the work party’s for this year on Millbrook Dam.

Today’s work saw Boyd and Shaun pointing the stone work on the overflow …whilst me and Roy dug out more of the north bank and cleaned the car park and pathways .

We will be back working on there in the new year to get the lake ready for spring. Thanks to everyone who helped out and all the members who continue to support the club . Here’s to another successful year .

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

many thanks


Millbrook path clearence 2_1874652480_n




So we now move into Winter and lots of anglers will put their tackle away but there is sport still to be had in the shape of good size silvers and the odd Carp will turn up from time to time for those willing to put the hours in.

Looking back it’s been a really positive season as we have taken a long term lease on Millbrook Dam and regular work parties will be held over the winter months with the aim of having the water in a more angler friendly condition by Spring with the likely-hood that we will have stocked or stocking plans will be in place.

A Bio Mass survey is booked with the EA and this will take place hopefully just after Xmas and this will give the club a definitive figure on stock thus allowing us to make informed decisions on stocking the water.

A comprehensive planting program is also planned for the Spring.

Unfortunately our affiliation with Walkerwood has ended with United Utilities deciding to end all fishing. We are in contact with United utilities and hope this is not the end for this venue.

Catches on our 3 waters have been very encouraging all season and we have seen growth in the fish we stocked year on year and we expect this will continue.

Several of the committee and bailiffs attended and evening organised jointly by the Angling Trust and EA to discuss fishery enforcement and as is the way with these things lots of other subject were also covered. These are always very useful to attend as new contacts can be made and a wealth of information that is useful to the club is available.

Below are a few pictures submitted in the last couple of months:


One of the many WW Perch




walker wood panoramic

Dam wall entrance