Club Rules

As member of Carrbrook Angling Club you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of the club rules outlined in your membership books as well as the additional rules in this post. Please scroll down for Walkerwood specific rules 

. Anyone caught taking fish from Carrbrook Angling waters will be banned for life and prosecuted under the 1968 Theft Act. A copy of fishery bye-laws can be obtained upon request or by clicking the link 

North_West_Byelaws fishery

. When carp fishing the following rules apply – Unhooking mats are to be used at all times, Suitable landing nets are to be used, No standing up with fish for photos, No sacking of fish, No fixed rigs, your rigs will be free running, Rods will not be left unattended at any time, No carp to be kept in keep nets. The bailiff teams have a right to inspect rigs if requested.

No guests are allowed on Carrbrook Angling clubs waters. Your permit is for you and your children under the age of sixteen who are allowed to accompany you (fish) on Carrbrook Angling club waters, they must be under your supervision at all times and not be a nuisance to any other member or allowed to stray away from your chosen peg. Member’s partners/wives are also allowed on Carrbrook Anglings waters.

. No  removal of plants, trees, shrubs, Lilly’s  or materials.

. Bird boxes are not to be tampered with without full permission from carrbrook angling club.

. No fishing in the roped off areas of carrbrook angling club waters.

. Gates will not be tampered with or modified in any way, if there is a problem report to the a club official on the number provided.

. Fences will not tampered with or modified in any way, if there has been a breach of security or any problems report it to a club official on the number provided.

. Sometimes the combination locks can be stiff and difficult  to open or maybe the combinations changed, if you have not been for a while it may be better to ring for the new combination and please do not climb over the fence.

. Cabins are there for storage and are not to be defaced or tampered with in any way.

. Two rods may be used on the water, as long as you stay within the boundaries of your swim, where both banks are pegged, you must not cast beyond the middle.

.All fish must be returned to the water.


. You may only fish from the pegs provided on the water, no persons must fish within the areas set aside, for the refuge and safety of fish and wild life these areas are clearly marked.

. You must not leave or stray from your peg while you have any baited rods in the water.

. You must use the official access points at all times, and be expected to ask non-members to leave the grounds of the water.

. NO FIRES to be lit on the grounds of the water, anyone found lighting fires will be banned for life. ( except during work parties ).

. Radios are allowed as long they are used with common sense, and are not a nuisance to other members.Please keep noise to a minimum.

. Leaving litter of any kind (including human waste) or any action that brings disgrace upon Carrbrook Angling club will be dealt with, with the greatest severity. Loose pieces of fishing line left on the bank are a hazard to wildlife and are also classed as litter.

. Dogs are allowed on the water, as long as they are tied up at the peg you are using and are not causing a nuisance.

. Fishing times will be 24hours per day, and 7 days a week, except on match days, when the water will be closed from 6am till weigh in. Walkerwood is a dawn to dusk fishery.

Fishery bye- laws can be viewed by clicking the following link North_West_Byelaws fishery

 Walkerwood rules 

As Walkerwood is a United Utilities reservoir there are specific rules unique to this venue.

1. Carrbrook Angling Club membership cards MUST be presented to the bailiff or any united utillites member of staff . No card no fishing.

2. All instructions by any member of united utillites staff must be followed .This includes leaving the water.

3. Fishing dawn to dusk – permitted one hour before sunrise, one hour after dark.

4. Fishing from designated areas only.

5. Car parks and designated parking areas must be used at all times. Close all gates behind you.

6. Use of bait is as follows  Maggots, casters, worms, Sweetcorn, live fish can be used but these must be caught upon the water, deadbait, boilies, seeds

7. Padlocks to gates should always be locked after entering and leaving. These locks must NOT be left on the combination under any circumstance.

8. No fishing from or on the dam wall or the pump house bank. Your map clearly shows the fishing areas please refer to it before fishing.

9. No Brown trout to be taken.

10. No climbing fences or walls, use the designated access points only,

11. No keep nets or Carp Sacks.

12. No litter including loose line.

13. No boats including bait boats.

14. Valid EA rod licences required.

15. Three rods are allowed but only with a valid EA 3 rod Licence.

16. No fires.

17. All dogs are to be kept on a lead, dog fowling and human waste to be taken home.

18. Junior members must be accompanied by adult at all times.

19.All members should read and sign the risk assessment prior to fishing the water.

20. As this is a drinking water reservoir nothing should be put into the water that is not a permitted bait.

21. Pike fishing with dead baits only in the winter months (1st october-31march) Lure fishing is permitted all year.

22. no leaders of any kind plastic baits

24.please find a clear spot before putting a rig out

25. hook length be a lower braking strain than the mainline

26.No braided mainline


Please note the access road has several large pot holes so please take care when approaching the water.

  1. ashley says:

    Hi I just wanted to no if night fishing is aloud and how much is it for two rods per night thanks and look forward to hearing from you

  2. Yep night fishing is allowed and will be covered with 2 rods under your membership ( £35 per year )

  3. Andrew Bates says:

    How much is a day ticket thanks

  4. Mike says:

    Are there any pike in walker wood?

    • Davebailiff says:

      Hi Mike, roach, perch, bream and carp are the species in Walkerwood reservoir…with a few trout. Pike maybe introduced soon. Rainwater 2 has a good head of pike in it though. Thank you for your enquiry.

      Dave D ( Bailiff )

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