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Walkerwood from the air  



Carl Gee’s first Walkerwood video is now online. Great video giving a taste of whats to come

Walkerwood and possible monster fish



Work will begin Sunday 8th Jan to open up several pegs and then we can start to fish this fantastic water once your membership has been upgraded and a site induction has been completed. Existing member will be required to pay an additional £10, £5 for OAP’s/concessions.  We are a non profit club so this small increase is to help cover the cost and we believe will prove excellent value once you start to fish the reservoir. For new memberships please refer to the membership page.

We have had limited access to the water but we can confidently say it really is a special place. Not only is it set in beautiful surroundings, the fishing is top quality and unspoilt as it has been a fly fishery for the past 30 years. Silver fishing is up there amongst the best we have experienced and it’s backed up with trout and specimen carp. Bream are present and there are reports of Pike, Theroux trout and Tench. Sizes are unknown but we do know they all go to specimen sizes and we are sure some special fish reside in this un-tapped reservoir. We can’t wait to start getting catch reports back from our members to see what surprises it holds !


Lovely to see the dam starting to fill out now after being a building site for so long. Nature is starting to do what she does best and make the place look natural again and the habitat we wanted to create is starting to take shape. There’s plenty of stuff going on under the water as well you cant see !

Millbrook project

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Update on the Millbrook page about end of year activities and plans for the future

Having done prep work for the last few weekends we were ready to bring the big machinery in this Sunday and get some of the bigger jobs up and running.

We started by building an outlet, a slope onto the main beach area and a bridge over the old stream bed. We have then started the far bank extension and clearance and this will carry on next week.

All exciting stuff to see our plans come to fruition and as the winter goes by we hope to see lots more done.

So we now move into Winter and lots of anglers will put their tackle away but there is sport still to be had in the shape of good size silvers and the odd Carp will turn up from time to time for those willing to put the hours in.

Looking back it’s been a really positive season as we have taken a long term lease on Millbrook Dam and regular work parties will be held over the winter months with the aim of having the water in a more angler friendly condition by Spring with the likely-hood that we will have stocked or stocking plans will be in place.

A Bio Mass survey is booked with the EA and this will take place hopefully just after Xmas and this will give the club a definitive figure on stock thus allowing us to make informed decisions on stocking the water.

A comprehensive planting program is also planned for the Spring.

Unfortunately our affiliation with Walkerwood has ended with United Utilities deciding to end all fishing. We are in contact with United utilities and hope this is not the end for this venue.

Catches on our 3 waters have been very encouraging all season and we have seen growth in the fish we stocked year on year and we expect this will continue.

Several of the committee and bailiffs attended and evening organised jointly by the Angling Trust and EA to discuss fishery enforcement and as is the way with these things lots of other subject were also covered. These are always very useful to attend as new contacts can be made and a wealth of information that is useful to the club is available.

Below are a few pictures submitted in the last couple of months: